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§25 MedienG: E. C. Fuchs, Leeuwarden

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Fuchs lernte die Grundzüge der Fotographie und der Infrarotfotographie bei D. Mittergradnegger. Eines seiner Ziele ist es, die Wärme - als infrarotes Licht - an den unterschiedlichsten Orten der Welt einzufangen und abzubilden.
Fuchs learned the basics of photography and infrared photography from D. Mittergradnegger. One of his goals is to capture and depict the warmth - in the form of infrared light - from a wide variety of places all over the world.
black and white infrared photography ::
  :: Serie 'Mystery Spot' (coming soon)     :: Serie 'Holderness' (coming soon)
  :: Serie 'Manhattan' (coming soon)   :: Serie 'Seattle' (coming soon)
  :: Serie 'San Francisco' (coming soon)   :: Serie 'ISIS Oxford' Serie 'ISIS Oxford'
  :: Serie 'Ko Chaang' Serie   :: Serie 'Læsø' Serie
  :: Serie 'Karpathos' Serie 'Karpathos'   :: Serie 'Schloßberg' Serie 'Schloßberg'
  :: Serie 'Paris' (coming soon)        
colour infrared photography ::
  :: Serie 'Iguape'   :: Serie 'Curaçao' Serie 'Herbstherz'
  :: Serie 'Vermont - Indian Summer' Serie   :: Serie 'Herbstherz' Serie 'Herbstherz'
  :: Serie 'Yosemite' (coming soon)   :: Serie 'Woods of Holderness' (coming soon)
  :: Serie 'Schloßberg 2' Serie 'Schloßberg 2'   :: Serie 'Tioga Pass' Serie Tioga Pass
  :: Serie 'Las Vegas' (coming soon)     :: Serie 'Extraterrestrial Highway' (coming soon)  
black and white photography ::
  :: Serie 'SFX New York' (BW SFX) SFX Serie "New York"   :: Serie 'Ayutthaya' (BW SFX) Serie 'Ayutthaya'
  :: Serie 'Amsterdam' Serie 'Amsterdam'      
cross-development & redscale and photography ::          
  :: Serie 'Medulin' (coming soon)        
Viele Photographien können auch in der gogofrog 3D Gallerie betrachtet werden.
Many photographies can also be beheld at the gogofrog 3D gallery.