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§25 MedienG: E. C. Fuchs, Leeuwarden

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The artistic education of E.C. Fuchs began during his early childhood with piano, guitar, flute and singing lessons. His first mentor in the art of pastels and acrylics was J. Horner, with whom he created his early drawings. During his later education to PhD in natural sciences Fuchs remained faithful towards the arts, especially light and color held a permanent fascination upon him. Thus, e.g., a part of his master thesis deals with color rendering of novel crystals under illumination of different white light sources, and his doctorate is about crystals which convert invisible UV light into white and red light. Over the years Fuchs learned the basics of (infrared-) photography from D. Mittergradnegger. One of his declared goals is to catch warmth – in the form of infrared light – from miscellaneous parts of the world. As painter, Fuchs is engaged in the combination of the childish-naive with the surrealistic-abstract, the combination of landscape and pattern. Starting from that, the style developed over the years somewhat into the direction of minimalism and monochromatic patterns or fantastic realism. His co-operations with other artists often create a symbiosis in style. The early acrylic works with J. Horner for example, integrate expressionistic elements typical for Horner, sometimes subtle, sometimes almost dominant; whereas sketchy colorful patterns are incorporated in all works with V. Kieslinger, A.H. Paulitsch-Fuchs or M. Görig.  
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  The paintings

were exhibited at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York, USA, January and February 2012.

Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, Inc.


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  Artworks are published in the following books:  



International Contemporary Artists Vol. I
  Featured Artists Vol. II
  International Contemporary Artists Vol. II

online gallery ::

  • Click here to go to the eloah online gallery which contains most of the paintings and drawings of E.C. Fuchs and his colleagues.