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§25 MedienG: E. C. Fuchs, Leeuwarden

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Press review - Radioindy - Ode To Brother Horn

Pressespiegel press review :: Gabor Kleinbloesem - Strutterzine September 2010



ELOAH is a project from The Netherlands, mainly focused around musician Elmar C. Fuchs, who is originally from Austria, but somehow found his way into the northern part of The Netherlands. Although there’s some good quality musicianship to be heard here, it really feels like an independent CD release. The music is actually quite experimental and throws all kinds of styles together. The result is therefore a bit incoherent, however that does not mean it is not interesting, because we can hear here and there some great electric guitar (very good!) and keyboardwork, such as the New Age meets Prog instrumentalsound of “Fingers in the sky”. On the other hand, the bass and drum programming makes the overall sound a bit empty, but for a start ELOAH has released an interesting CD for people who like to hear a mix of ambient, new age, prog, gothic and rockmusic and even some ULTRAVOXish New Wave (“Somehow extraordinary”) … not easy to compare… so check it out at: and e-mail at: (Points: 7.2 out of 10)