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Press review - Radioindy - Ode To Brother Horn

Pressespiegel press review :: Mark Johnson, Sea of Tranquiliy

ELOAH - "Ode To Brother Horn"

This is a unique sounding release from this Austrian band. The vocals are very different than many artists within this genre. I find the closest similarities in tone and style to the Denton, Texas band Midlake. The deeper vocals and acoustic influences are apparent throughout this music. The music seems to be an attempt to differentiate and create a new genre from the tenor and higher vocal range bands of the past, aka Yes, or those that try to follow in their footsteps, aka Circa, Flower Kings, and Transatlantic. The first four songs are very acoustic driven. Then the "Iron Lady" enters to throw in some heavier guitars and drums. Then back to acoustics with some electric lead added from there on. The keyboards are very good throughout. The acoustic guitar work will help sell this album. It is wonderful.

My favorites include: "Chjong Nadah Boo, (In Vain)", "Eyes Like a Lioness", and "What You Mean to Me". They are wonderful with their acoustic guitar and echoed vocals. "Hymn to Brother Horn" is a spectacular instrumental opus befitting a wonderful tribute. The piano 'dirge' that follows includes more lighter than darker tones; in celebration of life, rather than morning death. If you like Fleet Foxes or Midlake you will most likely enjoy this album as well.

Great acoustic music for home. Unique sounding and a nice break from the popular music being released today.

Score: 3 stars