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§25 MedienG: E. C. Fuchs, Leeuwarden

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Press review - Radioindy - Ode To Brother Horn

Pressespiegel press review :: Pawel 'Gnom' -MetalCentre

ELOAH - "Ode To Brother Horn"
Two Side Moon & SLW Promotions 2008

Music: Progressive Rock
Duration: 71 minutes (14 songs)
Country: Niderland

ELOAH is the project of Elmar Fuchs which came into being in 1993 year. The album "Ode To Brother Horn" is ninth material of this project. The album is dedicated to Jorg Horner - the brother soul of Elmar. ELOHA assembled many musicians and the artists during many years of existence...

Supposedly the music to this album came into being in early years of 90th. A lot of time passed before these compositions saw a day light. However the content of the disc can be very interesting the lovers the romantic Progressive Rock. I think that their musical inspirations reach to 70th years. Additional trump of this musical content are the gentle influences of New Age music, that is clearly audible in the first and the last tracks.

And therefore these 14 songs are mainly based on the acoustic sounds, the chords and the passages together with the parties of piano as well as with gentle percussive rhythms. Among these very romantic sounds are plaited the gentle insertions of keyboards, the calm melancholy male-female multicoloured singings and even growling screams. These vocals sometimes create grotesque or musical theater tone. Moreover we will hear here the interesting serves of bass, the guitar solos and even the melodies of saxophone. The works are the very complex and varied rhythmically with lots of beautiful melodies. Here the influences of classic music also are audible clearly (both in parties of acoustic guitars and of the piano) as well as also a the bit of movie music and Jazz.

The arrangements are very climatic, spatial, mostly calm and gentle. In moments they introduce nostalgic, sleepy and dark mood wrapped in mysticism and mysteriousness. There and here the keyboards motifs make cosmic-psychedelic climate. Among this predominant sensitivity also appear the sharper sounds and the guitar riffs, the sharper vocals and stronger hits - outright in style of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal or even Doom Metal patents which bring in the dose of dynamism and the energy.

I wondered about the comparison of ELOAH's music to would bring closer to you the compositions from "Ode To Brother Horn". However, ELOAH creates so complex thematically music (but also coherent) that it is hard to find ideal reflection. I think about some music mixture. The more diversified SIMON & GARFUNKEL with the dose of TIAMAT and early LED ZEPPELIN... But it would be only small fragment of ELOAH's composition.

The project ELOAH created beautiful music, full of artistry, very inspired by emotions and sometimes very surprising as well as masterly.

Rate: 9,5/10