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Press review - Radioindy - Ode To Brother Horn

Pressespiegel press review :: Joe Geesin - Get Ready To ROCK!


Ode To Brother Horn Art-house prog, or New Age Rock. This project was recorded in the 90s and released two years ago, so quite why the PR company is working it now is as mysterious as the music. From flute to new age rhythms, acoustic picking, vocal effects and occasional choir-like backing, and a guitar solo that hints at David Gilmour, and that's just the first track. As you go through the album, there are bigger sounds, drifting vocals, tribal drums, strong guitar, there's a lot going on. The lyrics are warm and there is lots of passion, the album is dedicated to vocalist Elmar Fuchs late friend Jorg 'Brother Horn' Horner. There are some wonderful moments, some good tunes, but the album is punctuated by parts that don't seem to fit or just drift by.